Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

hms easy stretch GmbH

We design events - Exhibition Design & Eventdecoration
An event location rarely meets all the demands of ambience, style, corporate design or the taste of the organizer in its original condition. Every location, however, should fulfill these exactly. The goal that we seek to achieve together with you rests in this.

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hms easy stretch GmbH

We have offered solutions for textile event decorations for over 25
years. Our products range from the popular standing table covers
GALACTICA and lighting elements in various colours and shapes
to tent decorations and fair design.

We create atmosphere and
develop full concepts from your visions and ideas. See for yourself
using our own philosophy about event design, which turns spaces
into other worlds with an almost unlimited diversity of ideas, materials
and shapes. This know-how makes it easy for you to turn your
ideas, requirements und guidelines into beautiful scenes. Count on
a wealth of ideas, competence and fortitude when you begin your
planning and let yourself be supported by specialists on the route to
the event. Our outstanding qualified team combines creativity and
technical know-how.

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  • Decoration

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