Berlin, Germany


SINCE 1986
Many of our clients trust in our services not only once, but over and over again, some of them for years or even decades.We have the feeling there could be no better proof that we not only meet but exceed expectations. It is a proof of quality, loyalty and reliability that makes us happy and proud.

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A delicious flying buffet, gala menu or live cooking in front of your
guests - an intimate reception or a big scale event with 1000+ guests.

Passion and energy you can taste, see and feel. It´s a matter of food. Bu tit´s also a matter of performance and presentation. Carefulness in choosing the right products and ingredients, creativity in turning them into dishes.Guests who are thrilled about what they find on their plates.
Eating as experience - enjoy special events in a special way.

The kitchen is the center of our service but it´s by far not the limit of
our service.

Accompanying drinks, exciting cocktails, fitting furniture and decoration,tableware, glasses and buffet equipment - whatever you look for, we take care of it. 

Our friendly and attentive kitchen and service team aims to treat you and your guests during the event.

Your personal contact person is in charge to be available for you in all phases and concerns of your event.






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