Berlin, Germany

Mampe Spirituosen GmbH

Jetzt schmecken Events echt nach Berlin!
MAMPE. Berlin for more than 160 years. Once invented as a drug, there was no event MAMPE did not have the right spirit. Almost entirely disappeared, it is now time for a renaissance. Time for the return of MAMPE on the Berlin events.

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Mampe Spirituosen GmbH


MAMPE.Berlin for more than 160 years. Spirits rich in history and stories. So colourful, so wacky, so crazy, so multifaceted like this city with its quarters and squares. Its streets and boulevards. Its local pubs and trendy bars. Its unique people.
MAMPE Berlin. In the history books and streets of the city. In the stadium with “old lady” Hertha BSC. At the cinema with David Bowie. In the Zoological Garden. On racing car spoilers. In the innumerable glasses of Berliners and their guests. 
Initially invented as a medicine, in Mampe’s history there has been no spirit that has not borne the name. No occasion for which Mampe did not have just the right drink.


  • MAMPE Half & Half, Smooth bitter liqueur. Traditionally made from herbs and bitter orange. Half bitter, half sweet, totally spectacular.
  • MAMPE Vodka. Mild Vodka. Carefully distilled five times. Pure and clear. Powerful and honest.
  • MAMPE Gin Dry London Gin. Distilled with passion. Slight spice meets mild sweetness.
  • MAMPE FliegerCocktail. The aviation legend, a handmade fruit liqueur made from apricots and oranges.

MAMPE brings a piece of Berlin and Berlin's history on your events. To this end, we can put together very individual event packages. These include, for example,
• Delivery of spirits
• Event equipment as appropriate glasses, etc.
• Promotions as welcome drinks etc.
• MAMPE Bar incl. Bartender


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