Berlin, Germany


Bier für den Kiez
Quartiermeister ist das Bier für den Kiez. Mit jeder verkauften Flasche fördern wir soziale und kulturelle Projekte in der Nachbarschaft. Konsument*Innen werden eingeladen, mitzubestimmen, welche Initiativen unterstützt werden.

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Quartiermeister is the social beer for Berlin.
100% of the profits made go towards supporting local projects. With every bottle purchased you can directly support social initiatives and projects in your local community.

Buying a beer has never made such a difference!


Quartiermeister wants to:
· change the way we look at consumerism
· transform the approach to consumerism by making it sustainable and community-oriented
· establish a new way to support social initiatives


Quartiermeister is:

Not-for-Profit · All profits made by Quartiermeister are given back to the community.
Social · Quartiermeister supports social initiatives in your neighbourhood with its profits.
Independent · Quartiermeister is produced by a privately-owned family brewery.
Transparent · The origin and use of funds and turnover is made available for all to view.
Regional · Quartiermeister is a regional product made with local ingredients.
Participative · You are Quartiermeister! Get involved and decide what we support.

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