Brandenburg, Germany


Brandenburg, Germany

The perfect setting for your success!

Brandenburg has moved up the meeting and incentive rankings among Germany’s Top 5 most popular meeting destinations. The most water-rich state looks back on a long tradition of meetings. Poets and thinkers were invited to the table of Frederick the Great; Allies planned the future of Germany in Brandenburg after the second World War and Albert Einstein found inspiration here to create new ideas and inventions.

There is no state elsewhere in Germany that has more lakes and rivers. The countryside of Brandenburg gives plenty of room to breathe. Cycling, hiking or floating on the water. The culture of Brandenburg is part of the landscape. Here, everyone becomes a cultural traveller.

Between the countless lakes, there is beauty to discover in the wide and rolling hills. The castles and mansions of Brandenburg offer views to the horizon, fresh air and clear lakes. Medieval castles and parklands tell exciting stories from over 1,000 years ago and are always worth a visit.

The untouched nature and the free space stimulate thinking and provide inspiration. This unique, historical environment will leave lasting impressions. Relaxed for events of all kinds means relaxed for you.

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