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Congress venues in Cottbus

Province? Of course.
Cottbus is one of the greenest towns of Germany. However, you can also expect here high-quality cutural-offers, a highly competitive guest trade and some very special, unique Event-Locations.

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Congress venues in Cottbus

Province? Of course. But not provincially.

The probably best known citizen of Cottbus, Hermann Fürst von Pückler (1785-1871), creator of the Branitzer Park in the south of the city, was at his time not only a famous garden creator, but a widely travelled, cosmopolitan travel writer. Today students come from more than 100 countries of the world to the Brandenburg University of Technologiy (BTU) Cottbus-Senftenberg, the secound largest college and the only University of Technology of the state Brandenburg.



Meeting in the glashouse

The fair and congressional centre of Cottbus lies in the south of the town, right in the middle of a beautiful green landscape. Although the „Bellevue“ is its smallest room, it is also the nicest indeed. It provides a miraculous view into the newest garden of the town, the Spreeauenpark.

The fair and congressional centre offers space for events with up to 3,000 people. Open-Space conferences with up to 15,000 participants are possible in the Spreeauenpark.

Meeting in the jail

For decades it was an unfairly place full with daily suppression. In the prison of Cottbus, which was opened at 1860, were until 1989 thousend of people held to prisoner because of their political opinions.

Today former prisoners are the owner of the prison. With the Menschenrechtszentrum e.V. new mind has entered into old walls, which are redevelopd bit by bit, and are meant for new purposes now. In one of the prison cell corridors, are well equipped consultation and conference rooms established, suitable for events with up to 135 people.


Meeting in the opencast mining

Well, not directly in, but rather at the former opencast mining Cottbus-Nord there is this one of a kind meeting place. A little imagination is still necessary, but in a few years, the biggest artificial lake of Germany, the Cottbuser Ostsee, will be loceted here.

The temporary conference location, which can be equipped according to demand for up to 250 participants, is on the area of the future harbour.

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