Brandenburg, Germany

Naturhaus Felgentreu

The Naturhaus is a versatile project with many things to see. Visitors of all age groups are very welcome to this private museum and during a private guided tour everyone can learn about the everyday life and work in past time, the history of agriculture and forestry and the native flora and fauna.

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Naturhaus Felgentreu

With a lot of love and care, the versatile exhibits are constantly rearranged to make the museum even more interesting. The hidden treasures and little interactive parts invite and encourage to wonder, question and talk about the story behind all those things gathered in the "Naturhaus". Experience a lot of different topics and exhibits like saws, axes, sewing machines, cameras, old kitchen tools, stuffed native animals and many many more with a lot of history and storys behind them and also learn about the village "Felgentreu" and its people. 

There are many different offers that can be used on request:

  • Baking like in the "good old days" in the natural  made oven
  • Experience of the black smith workshop
  • Be creative! - Make your own piece of pottery 
  • Herbarium - an interesting hobby to discover
  • Handcrafting - Be creative with clay, paper and other natural materials​
  • Use the "magic tree" willow as a crafting material
  • Produce your own wooden toys
  • Get on the trace of animal and try to recognize their tracks and voices
  • and many more! 

​Get in touch with us and let us know your ideas! We will do our best to realise your wishes for a trip to the "Naturhaus" in Felgentreu (eg puppet theatre, disco, bow and arrow shooting...)

We are looking forward to see you soon! 

To airport 57 km
To main station 77 km
To convention center 67 km
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  • Museum / church
Certificates 1. Träger der Auszeichnung für Ehrenamt des Kreises Teltow-Fläming

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