Brandenburg, Germany

Kräuterkate Glau

Wild herbs specialty restaurant
Theme restaurants in the heart of the Nuthe Nieplitz Nature Park. Discover with us the nature and how we can use them for hundreds of years. Experience what our flora and fauna has culinary to offer and how you can enhance the means of domestic natural wellbeing and health.

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Kräuterkate Glau

With us you discover exciting aroung topic wild herbs and herbal products.
The wonderfully mild winter invites a leisurely stroll through the Glauer fields. Pamper yourself with us then as with pasta with wild herb pesto or a delicious sweet clover and apricot sour cream cake ...
Browse around a bit and see what you like!
Look also at our event calendar past - herbal guides with cooking, further developments in the herb section and Sunday brunch - invite to expeditions .....

And if you want to take the "Wild Kitchen" home - in our herbal Kate will find many treats that you like to accompany such miracle leek salt, dandelion "honey" or elderberries balsamic. The selection is so large as the weeds are plentiful in nature. Come browse through our closets and discover your treasure .....
Oh, you already know the world of herbs in Brandenburg? Do not worry - this summer it goes with us to wild herbs holiday in Sweden!
Move! Read more under the Herb Holiday Button

We look forward to seeing you in Glau and remain,
with enchanting regards

Your team of herbal Kate Glau

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