Cologne, Germany


Eventtechnology BEYOND STANDARD
For more than three decades we have been a full service provider in the field of event technology and have developed media technical solutions for events.

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Our passion: Events

Our motivation: Challenges

Our key to success; Know-how, competence and creativity

Our policy:  Think Beyond Standard

For more than three decades we have been a full service provider in the field of event technology and have developed media technical solutions for events. We always aim to run events in such a way that they inspire people and satisfy them completely. Our constantly recurring theme is 'Beyond Standard' which helps us every time to find new ways of running events and extends the boundaries of what is technically possible so that we, together with our customers and partners, create events which arouse emotions and are memorable. The successful achievement of our policy is also the motor which drives us ever further forward. 

Norbert Gahrens, Managing Director


Our services leave no wishes for event technology unfulfilled

Whether video, audio, light or IT - we know all the relevant media technical areas inside out. Our technical products are always state of the art and with our own product developments we have been setting standards within the media technology for decades. Among our service portfolio we count, in addition, the preparation of the content and the development of user orientated apps, as well as innovative software solutions. Our own development G+B interactive, a digital event optimiser, helps us to plan, organise, run and assess all types of event - quite simply and efficiently.


Our full-service is programmed on success

New branches as independent competence centres throughout Germany, as well as highly qualified staff, make sure that an event is unique and first class. To achieve this, we base our efforts on straight line planning, creative lateral thinking and clearly defined steps, which we offer in the form of advice, design, planing, running, stand-by-service and after sales service. In this way we always find a solution that works for any type of event.


Only the best is good enough for our product range

We value quality. We rent displays, projectors, players, recorders, LED big picture walls for indoor and outdoor sites, audio equipment, stages and studio lighting, cameras, control technology, media controls, computer systems up to design orientated Mac-Line-Up and new operating concepts such as tablet PCs. In our rental business you will find only exclusive high end products from all media technical areas.

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