Cologne, Germany


Virtual Reality Well Told
headtrip is one of germanys leading vr full service providers. we build vr experiences, we film in 360°, we stream live in vr.

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Headtrip GmbH i.G. is a Virtual Reality agency and production company based in Cologne, Germany. It was already founded in 2014 with a focus on innovations regarding Virtual Reality and Immersive Media. CEO Jörn Allert and the highly qualified and constantly growing team is specialized in consulting, research & development, immersive production and distribution. With this wide range of professional expertise Headtrip is among the leading companies in the rapidly growing field of Virtual Reality. 

The strength and competence of Headtrip lies in the ability to tell stories in a way that is not only technologically ahead of its time, but especially is meeting and pushing nowadays standards in storytelling. This expertise condensed in the slogan „Virtual Reality Well Told“. It proved to be true with a wide range of well known partners and clients like Bundesliga (DFL), The Leading Hotels Of The World, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Bahn or Broadcasters like Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) and ProSiebenSat1. Headtrip develops own narrative and interactive experiences. Currently the VR experience for the feature film „Iceman“ is produced parallel to the shooting in the Alps.

Headtrip’s vision of developing new forms of immersive experiences resulted in the co-founding of Erster Deutscher Fachverband für Virtual Reality (EFDVR). The first german business association for Virtual Reality is a conglomerate of zealous enthusiasts, scientists, economical experts and distributors dedicated to the task of evolving and spreading Virtual Reality in Germany.

As our Chief Sales Officer Arne Ludwig says: „Take it as a fact. A world without VR is unimaginable.“ Headtrip is eager to contribute to this development as a leading force. 

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