Darmstadt, Germany

Wissenschaftsstadt Darmstadt Marketing GmbH

Diversity – this characterises Darmstadt as a venue. Organisers will find the right location for any occasion: whether prestigious, in the Orangerie, with historical flair at the Mathildenhöhe or as “green meeting” in the darmstadtium.

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Wissenschaftsstadt Darmstadt Marketing GmbH

The „Darmstadt Way“ with Residential Palace and Rosetta

City of Science or Centre of Culture? Darmstadt is both. Like almost no other city, it combines an appreciation of the arts with a passion for science and innovation. Darmstadt still has the charm of a royal capital – at the same time it is a modern city, a laboratory for cultural as well as scientific experiments. The journey started with the forming on the Mathildenhöhe of the “Künstlerkolonie”, a group of artists whose exhibitions enjoyed worldwide recognition and who created a link between the Darmstadt art scene and its unique Jugendstil ensemble.

The re-building of Darmstadt after the Second World War featured architecture, art, music, literature and design projects. Today, Darmstadt has a diverse theatre landscape. The city is home to a world famous jazz institute and the music school, “Akademie für Tonkunst”. The German Academy for Language and Literature awards the annual Georg-Büchner Prize to outstanding writers. The “Darmstadt Way” means being always open for the new and the experimental, and not just in all branches of the arts. It also applies to the top flight colleges and the three dozen nationally and internationally recognised research establishments, including three Fraunhofer institutes and the Society for Heavy Ion Research (GSI), which discovered in 1994 the chemical element darmstadtium, after which the city’s conference centre is named.

Touristic and Convention Bureau

The Tourism and Convention Bureau team advises you, plans with you and arranges premises for your event and venues for your meeting across the city: from meeting rooms in hotels, covering classical event and conference centres, to special locations with special views. We can also find suitable hotel rooms for your participants, including an individual booking link for the web page of your event. This way the booking for the participants is simple and gives you, as organizer, the best overview.

We make science ‘experienceable’!

Art and science are a powerful duo. The residential palace provides the Technical University with room for research and lectures. Next door, the newly renovated state museum exhibits art from ancient times to the present day, an outstanding natural history collection, zoological diorama from 1906 and a geological-paleontological exhibition.

We can arrange visits to the science and congress centre darmstadtium, the European Space Operations Centre ESOC, the August-Euler airfield or to the TU Darmstadt. Or are you more in the mood for art and culture? Then visit the Mathildenhöhe and the Artists’ Colony Museum, the Castle Museum and the Kranichsteiner hunting lodge with us.

Before the title “City of Science” was bestowed on Darmstadt in 1997, the city was recognised as “City of the Arts”. In fact, both sides go hand-in-hand, recognising that the combination of tradition and innovation is the “Darmstadt Way” to discover new things – here and throughout the world.

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