Dresden, Germany


Dresden, Germany

Dresden is especially charming with its wealth of art collections and its fascinating architecture, that August the Strong built once. In particular, the impressive Frauenkirche, the breathtaking Zwinger, the spectacular Semper Opera and the magnificent Residence Palace delight residents and visitors alike. Additionally, the numerous museums and the great theaters beautify the image of Dresden.

On sunny days, especially the Dresden Heath and the many Parks lure people into nature and fill the city with new life. Dresden is one of the greenest cities in Europe and thus gives the city not only on a cultural level, but also on natural a very special appeal.

Accordingly, Dresden offers both a fascinating and a relaxing atmosphere, which can be reflected perfectly in your event. Those who wish to have a remarkable and traditional venue, be sure to find something in Dresden. Event planners who are more interested in a lively, multicultural and exceptional site, can find venues in the late Victorian area of Dresden. In particular, the numerous bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs, galleries and small theaters give the scene a trendy neighborhood and individual flair.

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