Hamburg, Germany

Referent Ulrich Poser

Since 1996 Ulrich Poser is a successful and and well-known specialized lawyer in copyright and media law in Hamburg.

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Referent Ulrich Poser

Lawyer and specialized lawyer for copyright and media law

Poser is a legal advisor to the community of interest of cities with theatre guest performances e.V. (INTHEGA - and a cooperating lawyer of the European Association of Event Centres (EVVC e.V. –

Since 2002, Ulrich Poser is a lecturer and docent for the class "contract design in the event sector" for the degree course "culture management" at the University for Music and Theatre in Hamburg.

Moreover, Poser is the co-author of the second edition of "Sponsoringvertrag" which was published in the beginning of 2010 by the editor C.H. Beck and the author of the second edition of the specialist book "Konzert- und Veranstaltungsverträge" published in 2012 by C.H. Beck.

Since April 2009, Ulrich Poser and Dr. Gereon Röckrath are the joint editors of the practical handbook for artists and cultural managers "Kultur und Recht" which was published by the Raabe Verlag (

Lastly, Ulrich Poser is the owner of the company ‘Poser-Seminar’ ( that organizes media law workshops in Hamburg and Berlin and offers in-house trainings on industry-specific topics nationwide.

In January 2013, the federal minister Miss Dr. Ursula von der Leyen appointed Ulrich Poser as the deputy chairman of the member of the Advisory Board of the artists’ social security fund for the area of performing arts.

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