Hamburg, Germany

Give an African twist to your event

Unique eventlocations in the Tropical-Aquarium, the Tierpark and the Alten Hagenbeck´schen Dressurhalle
Exotic ambiance; rooms can be fl exibly combined; possible to combine event with an event in the “Alte Hagenbeck’sche Dressurhalle”; tour through the “Tierpark Hagenbeck” and/or the “Tropen-Aquarium”;

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Give an African twist to your event



Anyone who’s ever dreamt of exploring the fascinating world beneath the South Seas will be in their element. Captivate your guests by taking them on a trip to the bottom of the ocean and meet the reef sharks as they glide majestically through the water – so close you could almost touch them. Holding 1.8 million litres of water, this is one of Europe’s largest aquarium tanks. Weighing 26 tonnes, the glass panel is 14 metres long, six metres high and 22 centimetres thick. Delve into the mysteries of the underwater world. Show fi lm premieres on a 4 x 4-metre screen, give perfect presentations with a digital projector and background music, and organise seminars and roadshows quickly and professionally on the stage. And for those who are looking for an exciting opportunity to observe fascinating animals at close quarters, what could be better than an extraordinary dinner with sharks?


Alte Hagenbeck´sche Dressurhalle

Take your guests to one of the most impressive event locations in Hamburg. Since 1903, original hand-painted panoramas have graced the walls with scenes of African animals. They are reminiscent of the Hagenbeck method of gentle dressage, which originated here. This location boasts beguiling rooms: greet your guests in the foyer, step inside the historic atmosphere of the ‘Alte Hagenbeck’sche Dressurhalle’ and enjoy a delicious dinner at festive tables or relax with an espresso in the lounge. The versatile hall with its ceiling height of 8.50 m is perfect for any occasion, such as galas,conventions or trade shows.


Tierpark Hagenbeck

With its ancient trees, world-famous panoramas, open-air enclosures and eclectic mix of buildings from a range of cultures, Europe’s fi nest park provides a magnifi cent backdrop for your private or corporate function.Take advantage of everything the zoo has to offer and let Hagenbeck Events tailor your event to your needs and bring it to life in these breathtaking surroundings. Could there be anywhere more enchanting for the bride and groom to exchange their vows than in the resplendent golden “Thailändische Sala” located on the banks of the “Birma-Teich”? Or how about the equally impressive “Birma-Terrasse” or extensive “Tiger-Rasen”? All of these locations are also perfect for holding spectacular receptions or banquets so, whether private or corporate, you can look forward to an unforgettable event at the“Tierpark Hagenbeck”.


To airport 15 km
To main station 15 km
To convention center 10 km
Further criteria
Venue types
  • Open air
  • Event hall
  • Historic monument
Certificates Mit der einzigartigen Alten Hagenbeck´sche Dressurhalle erhielten wir beim Location Award 2011 den zweiten Platz in der Gruppe „Eventlocation bis 500 Personen“.
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