Hannover, Germany

Deutsche Messe Hannover

Team Raumwunder
Our "Raumwunder"-Team is there to help you to organise your event. We have some excellent venues - from a state-of-the-art Convention Centre to an exhibition aera four times the size of a football arena. We make room for great events - an with us even the smallest event is great !
  • Guests indoor 13.000
  • Guests outdoor 80.000
  • Event space indoor m2 31.100
  • Event space outdoor m2 58.000
  • Conference rooms 34

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Deutsche Messe Hannover

Here you'll find extraordinary rooms, in short: a veritable RAUMWUNDER. The trade fair halls are also flexible quick-change artists, just like the congress rooms. The open air grounds offer room for exceptional ideas: how about using a circus tent instead of a hall? And even expo pavilions allow you to realise a variety of impressive ideas. With a choice of more than 50 rooms, you'll be sure to find the right room to MIRACULOUSly stage your event.

Please notice: in the spring of 2015 the new, multifunctional Hall 19/20 will be ready for use.

Overseen, accompanied, shepherded by a team with a high creative standard; complemented by an infrastructure which has no equal. Everything that may not be possible somewhere else, is made possible here.


Maximum number of guests - indoor 13.000
Maximum number of guests - outdoor 80.000
Event space indoor 31.100 m2
Event space outdoor 58.000 m2
Conference rooms 34
To airport 21 km
To main station 9 km
To convention center 0 km
Further criteria
Venue types
  • Open air
  • Restaurant / café
  • Event hall
  • Conference Center
Certificates 1. Platz beim Location Award 2012 in der Kategorie "Großveranstaltungen"
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