Hesse, Germany

Tagungsdestination Hessen

Meeting destination Hessen Where beautiful scenery is combined with an excellent infrastructure in the center of Germany, and history inspires for trendsetting ideas. – Endless possibilities for multifaceted events are produced. Welcome to Hessen.

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Tagungsdestination Hessen

Meeting destination Hessen

We inspire with endless facets.

Cities in Hessen have an excellent infrastructure network both, with each other and the world. People, goods, information – There is no way around Hessen. A number of international companies are located here, future-oriented industries benefit from the proximity to research and technology. This makes the region, in the heart of Germany, to one of the leading business bases and dynamic economic regions in Europe.

In Hessen there is not just successful working, but also the living quality is very high. A unique natural and cultural landscape contrasts with bustling cities.

There are many opportunities to find the right location for your event. No matter if you plan an international convention or  an exclusive event in a small group, in Hessen you will find a perfect venue.

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