Munich, Germany

Dallmayr Eventcatering

Our main goal is to create a celebration for you that not only sparkles with culinary highlights but also radiates charm and happiness – with professional planning, perfect organisation, creative ideas and always within the specified budget.

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Dallmayr Eventcatering

For five or five thousand guests. We will work with you to develop creative ideas, allowing you to put your product, communication goals or your own organization into the spotlight and to surprise and excite each of your guests. In this way, you can turn your events into real experiences with a distinctive character that you and your guests will never forget!  It is particularly important for us to work together in a cooperative way with our clients. And so that we can be closer to you in less time, Dallmayr Eventcatering has offices in Berlin and Düsseldorf in addition to the head office in Munich. There are many catering companies. However, this quality is unique.









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