Munich, Germany


Die Kulturhalle
Zenith, the culture hall, is suited for a multiplicity to use thanks to its unique architecture and multifunction. For events like concerts, Theatre, musical and cabaret, presentations, any form of congresses, exhibitions, parties, events of your company and more.
  • Guests indoor 5.880
  • Event space indoor m2 5.000
  • Conference rooms 1

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The landmarked  building „Zenith“,  which once was a factory made of ion. It was built between 1916 and 1918 on behalf of King Ludwig III. of Bavaria by the company „Krupp“.

The historic, industrial building fulfilled some major functions later on: After being a stamping factory in the 20s it was used as a factory for locomotive steam boilers. And later on, it was used to repair trains, then it was used as train repair-factories and now we use it as a place for venues.

Thanks to the industrial past of the twenties it gets its special charm and exeptional ambience.

The listed building is a jewel  below the event places in Munich due to its sensitive renovation and architectural characteristics.

Maximum number of guests - indoor 5.880
Event space indoor 5.000 m2
Conference rooms 1
Vicinity Münchner environs
District Freimann - Am Hart - Hasenbergl - Feldmoching
To airport 28 km
To main station 11 km
To convention center 18 km
Further criteria
Venue types
  • Event hall
  • Industrial building / hall
  • Historic monument
Certificates Denkmalgeschützes Areal

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