Regensburg, Germany


Regensburg, Germany

Experience the UNESCO World Heritage town Regensburg

The city on the river Danube is a great monument to the past and a modern metropolis - historical, but not old-fashioned. Regensburg, with a population of 150,000 is right now the fourth largest city in Bavaria.

As varied as the historical name of the city are also the faces of these old but young city. It is a lively university city full of culture and love of life. There are not many cities in the world, such as the Old Town of Regensburg, which have been declared, in their entirety, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, Regensburg is one of them.

During a walk through the narrow streets of the old town, a visit to the splendid patrician castles, the royal palace or the numerous Romanesque and Gothic churches, one encounters historical richness on every corner. Hidden backyards and places with a Mediterranean atmosphere Regensburg give its typical Italian flair. The cathedral and the centuries-old stone bridge offer the citizens of Regensburg and their guests a picturesque setting.

Over and above that your variety of event options is wide. From congresses in modern design rooms to meetings in a historical environment surrounded by medieval walls. In this city you will definitively find the right venue for your event. Moreover Regensburg offers historical halls for your family or corporate event with an extraordinary ambience. Whether a birthday party, corporate event, wedding or family party for small or large groups. In the striking medieval halls of this old town your event will be a unique and memorable experience.


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